Funding opportunities

Applying for scholarships, grants and fellowships provide valuable experience in scientific writing, helps you develop your research project, and may provide money for your stipend or supplies used. Please work with your mentor to develop to your research plan and to get feedback on your writing.

General list of grants:
Instrumentl is free to UAA members. Enter some information about yourself, and the program will send you a list of grants/fellowships that you are eligible for.

Postdoctoral fellowships:
Broad institute list of fellowships for postdocs

Graduate students:
Rasmuson Fisheries Fellowship (Note: Student must be part of UAF SFOS)
American Fisheries Society
UAF Center for Global Change and Arctic Systems Research
American Society of Naturalists
Pathways to Science

Undergraduate students:
UAF Center for Global Change and Arctic Systems Research
Alaska Chapter of the American Fisheries Society
Alaska Heart Institute
UAA Discovery Award
Pathways to Science for undergrads

A list of scholarships available for undergraduates is maintained at:
UAA Honors College

A list of research grants available for undergraduates is maintained at:
UAA Undergraduate Research Grants

High School students:
Gates Scholarship

A list of grants for women or minorities:
Scholarships and grants

Braun has a site with 110 College and Graduate School Scholarships for Women of Color

Opportunities from other places:
Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

American Fisheries Society

Dr. Wilson Sayres’ Lab has a wonderful list of undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral funding opportunities.

Early Career funding opportunities:
Googledoc for Early Career funding, maintained by Dr. Sayers

Conservation and fisheries focused:
NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant program 

Examples of funded grants:
Github page from the Ross-Ibera lab with funded grants
Yaniv Brandvain Github page with successful NSF GRFP grants