Former members

Research technicians:
Ruth Isenberg came to us from Doc (Mark O.) Martin’s lab at the University of Puget Sound, where she isolated and characterized microbes from tardigrades. At UAA, she focused on characterizing pH tolerance in stickleback gut isolates, isolating and sequencing whole genomes and microbial gut communities, and collected samples from the field. Ruth is now a PhD student at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Postdoctoral Fellows
Amber R. Nashoba, Postdoc/Research Professional
Amber_near_KWDDr. Nashoba is interested in the application of evolutionary theory to understand and address environmental change. Her dissertation research studied population-level adaptation, natural selection, and the response to selection of a native prairie legume (Chamaecrista fasciculata). This project focused on the empirical application of Fisher’s Fundamental Theorem of Natural Selection and among-year environmental variation in the form of trait relationships, adaptive capacity, and fitness landscapes. She recently completed a Future Faculty Fellowship at the Northeastern University; during this time, she examined allele frequency change in drought and salinity associated genes in newly restored Spartina alterniflora in a Rhode Island salt marsh. Her Google Scholar page is here.


Brianna Triplett: lab volunteer who helped organize and establish the lab. 2016

Eli Matthews: Mock community construction and determination of perchlorate resistance in gut isolates. 2017-2018

Haley Miller: Behavior and somatic development in antibiotic treated larvae from different populations. 2016

Keagan Whitcomb: Somatic and behavioral development in germ free and conventional fish. 2016 and 2018

Koral Campbell: Contributed to flow cytometry and MPO protocols to examine immune response in stickleback; identified potential pathogens to study. 2016-2017

High school students:

2018 Sp          Elsa Hoppenworth, Gifted Mentorship

2016 Su          Gary Hoppenworth, Hutton Scholars recipient

2015                Foster Birnbaum, independent research