Postdoctoral Fellowship in Microbiology and/or Immunology

Update: We have hired a postdoctoral fellow. More details will follow in an updated post.

We are hiring! A postdoctoral position is available immediately at the University of Alaska Anchorage Biological Sciences Department in the laboratory of Dr. Kat Milligan-Myhre. We are interested in someone who has strengths in microbiology and/or immunology, and who is interested in using threespine stickleback fish as a model to study host-microbe interactions. You will study the contribution of the host genetic background on the interactions between the host and the microbiota, with a focus on the ability of the host to resist developmental delays due to the disruption of the microbiota and/or immune system.


  • PhD in Biological Sciences, with an emphasis in microbiology, immunology or evolution preferred
  • Enthusiasm to learn new techniques; good organizational skills; detailed oriented record keeping; ability to work well with others
  • Willingness to move to Anchorage, Alaska


  • Grant-writing experience
  • Mentor undergraduate/graduate students
  • Outreach opportunities throughout the year
  • Teaching opportunities available, but not required
  • Experiment with freezing and recovering fish sperm and eggs
  • Play with (I mean experiment with) microbes in our collection
  • Learn lab management skills through duties shared among lab members (fish husbandry, microbe stock maintenance, ordering supplies, etc)

Other details:

Full-time position

Funding for position through Dec 2018, possibly through Dec 2019

How to apply:

Equal opportunity employer. We encourage women and minorities to apply.

Please send Dr. Kat Milligan-Myhre ( at alaska dot edu) your cover letter, CV, three references, a statement of research interests and career goals (not restricted to academia), and favorite winter activity.


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